All-Purpose Ice Traction Aids with Tungsten Carbide Spikes from DueNorth®

Be as Sure-Footed on Icy Sidewalks as a Mountain Goat!


Okay, it’s winter.  You just arrived at your destination and you’re about to get out of your car.  But before you do, you glance out your window at the pavement and recoil in horror! Sheer ice! You know that if you take one step into that friction-free zone, you’re sure to fall flat on your keister!

All-Purpose Ice Traction AidsFortunately, you happen to have in your possession a pair of All-Purpose Ice Traction Aids.  You reach into your glove compartment, pull out your All-Purpose Ice Traction Aids, slip them easily over your shoes, and you’re good to go.  Crisis averted.  You step out onto the glare ice and stride with confidence, head held high, your tungsten carbide spikes digging into the ice with every step, propelling you safely to your destination.

In winter, preparation is everything and equipment is key.  All-Purpose Ice Traction Aids are a critical component of that equipment.  They strap onto your footwear with rubber straps made of a special compound that retains its elasticity and fit in all temperatures.  Quick Fit™ support rings and holes provide easy adjustment and easy on and off without cumbersome snaps or buckles.  The inner surface has a diamond knurling that grips the soles of your footwear, eliminating slippage.

All-Purpose Ice Traction AidsOn the bottom are six replaceable Ice Diamond™ tungsten carbide spikes set in a pattern that gives you good push-off and lateral grip.  These tungsten carbide spikes are 10 times stronger than steel spikes and will last 10 times longer. And the extra-wide, extra-thick heel strap provides better grip, better durability and longer wear.All-Purpose Ice Traction Aids

All-Purpose Ice Traction Aids are so lightweight, you’ll barely know you’ve got them on.  They work equally well on boots, dress shoes, and even sneakers.  And they’re so compact, you can keep them in your glove compartment, your briefcase, even your coat pocket!

Being safe is all about being prepared.  Be prepared for dangerously icy, slippery conditions with All-Purpose Ice Traction Aids from DueNorth®. You can purchase them at

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WARNING!  All right, the All-Purpose Ice Traction Aids work great, but come on.  You can’t be out on the ice doing cartwheels and think there is no danger of slipping and falling.  Play it smart.  Exercise caution when walking on icy surfaces, even while wearing Ice Traction Aids.  Also, be aware that anytime you walk on hardwood floors, polished granite or marble with tungsten spikes on the bottoms of your shoes, there’s a good chance you’re going to scratch those floors up pretty bad.  Again, play it smart.

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