Cooling and Hydration in an ANSI Class 2 Surveyor’s Vest

Cooling and Hydration Vest at

Working outside on a hot day near oncoming traffic? This vest from Vinatronics might just be the perfect vest for you.

High Visibility
First of all, it’s a bright green/yellow ANSI Class 2 high visibility polyester safety vest with 3M™ Scotchlite™ silver reflective stripes. If you’re working near oncoming traffic, or anywhere that it’s a good idea to be easily seen, any light source (like a car’s headlights, for example) is going to light you up like a Christmas tree. If you’re wearing this hi vis vest, people are going to see you. And you know, if you’re working near traffic, you definitely want the drivers to be able to see you.

Surveyor’s Vest
Second, it’s a Surveyor’s Vest, so it’s loaded with pockets – seven, to be exact, plenty of places to put your stuff. There’s a pocket for your cell phone, and even a huge zippered pocket across the small of the back where you can stick an entire clipboard.

cooling hydration vest

Vinatronics Cooling Hydration Vests

Cooling Apparel
But here’s where it gets really good. This vest is also Cooling Apparel. To keep you cool and help avoid heat stress, the vest has two large pockets that hold freezer gel packs called Ice Bricks. Put the Ice Bricks in the freezer overnight, then stick them back in their special designated pockets, and they will help to keep you cool all day.

With a Hydration Pack
And last, but certainly not least, this vest has a Camelbak® drinking water reservoir built into the back. Now it’s hot, so you’re going to get thirsty, right? So you carry your own drinking water in the Camelbak reservoir. Just fill up the leakproof 50-oz long neck reservoir and slide it into its pouch on the back of the vest. A long drinking tube runs from the Camelbak reservoir, up over your shoulder and down the front of the vest, where it’s handy to get to. So when you feel thirsty and need some water, just put the end of the drinking tube in your mouth, bite down on the special valve, and rehydrate with a long drink of water. Another good way to help avoid heat stroke.

Four Vests In One
So you can see what a versatile vest this is. It’s high visibility, so oncoming traffic can see you and avoid running you down. It’s loaded with pockets for storing your personal stuff. It’s got the freezer gel packs to help keep you cool on a hot day. And it’s got the drinking water reservoir so you can keep yourself hydrated. Oh, and one more thing. It’s made in the U.S.A. So like I said, if you’re working outside near oncoming traffic on a hot day, this is the vest for you! You can find it at Click here.

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