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Circulatory Cooling Vests: As Cool as it Gets

Heat stress prevention is no joke. And while evaporative cooling vests and phase change cooling vests do a great job keeping summer outdoor workers cool, it’s hard to beat circulatory cooling vests. And the best is the CoolShirt. Here’s how it works: Each CoolShirt has more than 50 feet of medical grade capillary tubing stitched(…)

Vinatronics Hydration Safety Vests Add a Level of Outdoor Safety

Summer construction season is right around the corner. The Vinatronics Hydration Vest takes care of two big safety concerns at once for outdoor workers. The traffic safety vest, which is available at eSafetyStore has 2″ silver reflective 3M Scotchlite tape stripes that provide ANSI Class 2 high visibility. And it’s made from breathable fluorescent polyester.(…)

Titan Extreme Cold Weather Insulated Winter Work Boots with Steel Toes: Rated to 148°F Below Zero! (-100°C)

Work Outside in the WInter?  Never Get Cold Feet Again!   What’s the worst thing about working outside in the winter?  I say it’s cold, wet feet.  Nothing makes me more miserable than when my feet are cold and wet.  It’s just impossible to feel warm, even in a heavy down parka, when your feet(…)

GULPZ™ – Hi Visibility, Hydration and Cooling All in One!

For Serious Dog Walkers, Festival Goers or Extreme Outdoor He-Man Workers!  You need GULPZ™ – Hi Visibility, Hydration and Cooling All In One.  Get Them Before the Next Heat Wave, Hurricane or Whatever Extreme Weather Comes Your Way. Dehydration and heat stress are partners in crime.  Staying hydrated on the jobsite is absolutely essential for(…)