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Surveyor’s Safety Vests – Lots of Pockets

Surveyors must carry a lot of gear with them, because Surveyor’s High Visibility Safety Vests always have tons of pockets.  Like the ANSI Class 2 Solid Surveyor’s Vest with D-Ring Pass-Through, Back “X” Pattern and Contrasting Trim from Viking.  This vest has a total of 13 pockets!  Gussets on both sides allow a fair amount(…)

Trilobal Rip-Stop™ Polyester ANSI Class 2 Surveyor’s Vest: Waterproof and Extremely Durable

Won’t Abrade, Rip, Snag or Tear   Garments made of Trilobal Rip-Stop polyester can really take a beating.  Like this ANSI Class 2 Heavy-Duty Trilobal Rip-Stop™ Surveyor’s Vest with D-Ring Pass-Through.  Made from heavy-duty polyurethane-coated 300 denier Trilobal Rip-Stop polyester that is waterproof, extremely durable, and resistant to abrasion, rips, snags or tearing.  Gussets on(…)

ANSI Class 3 FR-Treated Water-Repellent 3-in-1 Hi Vis Bomber Jacket – ON SALE! 30% OFF!

This Bomber is the Bomb!  It’s three jackets in one! Flame resistant, water repellent, high visibility, and insulated for winter.   Three Jackets in One – Perfect for Spring! This ANSI Class 3 Bomber Jacket has an FR-Treated polyester outer shell and a removable navy blue fleece liner that can be worn as its own fleece(…)

ANSI Class 3 Hi Vis Two-Tone Hooded Sweatshirt with Microfleece Interior

Spring has Sprung!  Time for a New ANSI Class 3 Hooded Sweatshirt!   Time to put the heavy winter parka away and get ready for warmer weather with this ANSI Class 3 Hooded Sweatshirt. Made of rugged heavyweight polyester that will stand up to the toughest work conditions.  Polyester microfleece interior and the attached hood(…)

Great Deal on Waterproof ANSI Class 3 Winter 3-in-1 Hi-Vis Bomber Jackets – ON SALE!

Now is the Time To Buy!  Great End-of-Season Price!   Waterproof Protection  The SJ21 from Radians is a fantastic bomber jacket. Completely waterproof, with a polyurethane-coated polyester shell and fully taped seams.  It’s got a black fleece liner that zips in and out as you need it. Wear the jacket with the liner, without the(…)

Men’s Soft Shell Fleece-lined Jacket from Charles River – Style 9718

Think Spring!  It’s Just Around the Corner!   Casual Elegance, Comfort and Convenience The perfect jacket for when it’s not really cold, but cold enough to need a light jacket.  The stretchy soft shell is made of polyester spandex, which is both breathable and weather-resistant.  The soft shell is bonded to a microfleece liner that provides(…)

8-in-1 ANSI Class 3 Hi Vis Winter Bomber Jacket with Class 3 Inner Liner Fleece Jacket from Polar Work Tuff

Our Most Popular Jacket!  EIGHT JACKETS AND VESTS IN ONE! 1. Start with a warm, waterproof, high-visibility ANSI Class 3 High Visibility Bomber Jacket with a heavy fleece liner that’s also a Class 3 jacket. 2. On warmer days, remove the inner fleece liner’s sleeves (they zip off). 3. If you’re still too warm, remove the whole fleece liner for(…)