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Banana Boat® Sport Performance® coolzone™ UltraMist® Continuous Spray Sunscreen SPF 30

Here’s a great new product from Banana Boat that will help prevent getting that nasty sunburn that you can get working outside in the hot sun.  It’s an SPF 30 sunscreen that sprays on easily, instantly cooling the skin on contact for a clean, refreshed feeling.   Sport Performance coolzone UltraMist Spray has a crisp,(…)

GULPZ™ The Ultimate Hydration Pack! Hi Visibility, Cooling and Hydration Pack All In One!

It’s summer, and it’s hot out there.  If you work outside in the heat and the sun, you know that staying hydrated is critical.  Dehydration can lead rapidly to heat stress or worse, potentially fatal heat stroke. But if you’re working construction, or on a road repair crew, or if you’re a firefighter out in(…)

Indoor Shooting Range Faces $111K OSHA Fine for Lead Exposure

Why you may need D-Lead® EPA-Approved Lead Detection Kits and D-Lead® Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner for the Removal of Lead Dust OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration) takes its mandate to protect employees’ health and safety very seriously indeed.  Recently in Illinois, OSHA cited a gun range, Illinois Gun Works Ltd., for 28 alleged health violations after(…)