Baseball-Style Sun Hat with Ear Flaps and Neck Shade

I love those old desert movies.  You know the ones, where the hero is trying to get away from the hoard of bandits, and his only route of escape is to head out across the desert, with minimum water but maximum courage.

Baseball-Style Sun Hat with Ear Flaps and Neck Shade

Baseball-Style Sun Hat with Ear Flaps and Neck Shade

If I was that guy, this is the hat I would want to be wearing.  It’s a baseball-style sun hat that’s 100% cotton, so it breathes, and it’s cool and comfortable.  But best of all, it has this 7″ neck shade that hangs down in the back and on both sides, circling around from temple to temple.  The neck shade covers and protects both ears and most of the neck, including the back of the neck, against sunburn.

If those bandits were after me, I’d be worried about my safety, but I wouldn’t have to worry about getting a bad sunburn on my neck or on my ears.  I’d have enough stress thinking about the bandits catching up with me.  At least with this fabulous sun hat, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about heat stress.

If I was working outside in the hot summer sun, doing something like laying asphalt, I’d want to be wearing this sun hat.

More about the hat.  The crown includes a sweatband and four large metal eyelets with metal mesh screens to promote air flow and moisture release. 

The size is adjustable via a string that is sewn into the hem of the crown. The string has a locking clip that dangles outside the hem in the back. Adjust size by donning the cap, pulling the string tight and locking it in place with the clip.  So one size fits all, and it’s a great hat for women, too.

Here’s a tip.  If you want to stay really cool, soak the hat in water, then put it on.  Evaporative cooling will keep your head and neck cool, which in turn will help keep your whole body cool.

So when you’re heading out into the desert to escape the bandits, wear this baseball cap, bring plenty of water, don’t talk to the buzzards, ignore all mirages and don’t stare directly into the sun.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget the sunscreen.  SPF 70.

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Check out OSHA’s Water Rest Shade campaign against heat stress.  Click Here.


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