The Best Way to Be Prepared for Next Summer

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Chill Out Cooling Towels

Summer is winding down and heat stress protection might not be the first thing that safety professionals are worried about (unless they have job sites either in the deep south or located on or near the equator).

But now is the time to stock up on the cooling apparel that you’ll need next year because is clearing its shelves of heat stress protection tools. The huge sale offers 20% off of stocked items like evaporative cooling bandanas, hard hat cooling pads, hi vis cooling vests, hydration backpacks, boonie caps and more.

The best part is that this valuable safety gear is coming from some of the most trusted safety manufacturers around—names like Ergodyne, TechNiche, OccuNomix, WorkTuff and Allegro.

Workplace safety is all about planning ahead. What better way to be prepared for the warm months of 2015 than to stock up on heat stress protection now, at a sizable discount?

The dangers of heat stress are preventable if workers have the right personal protective equipment. Make sure that your workers are protected from the heat months ahead of time.

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