Boomtown 2011: Fascinated by Williston

The more I read, the more fascinated I am by the goings on in Williston, North Dakota, a modern day boomtown sprung from the oil on the Bakken formation.

It started as vague interest because we at and provide safety apparel and winter workwear for oil field workers in Williston. But after hearing stories from those who’ve been to the oilfields and oilfield workers, it’s hard not to research more.

Unemployment isn’t a problem in Williston, but other issues have sprung up. Housing is extremely tough to find (the Walmart parking lot is a makeshift camping area), long-time residents have some resentment about the influx of new workers, and the town’s infrastructure isn’t necessarily capable of handling the added population.

There’s an amazing series of stories on about life in Williston. I recommend reading the story of the modern day boomtown.