Titan Extreme Cold Weather Insulated Winter Work Boots with Steel Toes: Rated to 148°F Below Zero! (-100°C)

Work Outside in the WInter?  Never Get Cold Feet Again!   What’s the worst thing about working outside in the winter?  I say it’s cold, wet feet.  Nothing makes me more miserable than when my feet are cold and wet.  It’s just impossible to feel warm, even in a heavy down parka, when your feet(…)

SAVE 35% on LaCrosse® Alpha Mudlite 16″ Cold Weather Rubber Work Boots with Steel Toes: Rated to -40°F (-40°C) – Model 200240

100% Waterproof, warm to 40° below zero, and loaded with features!     Men and women who work outside in the winter – and I’m talking the seasoned professionals here – have learned from experience that a good pair of boots is the best investment they can make.  There’s nothing worse than cold wet feet(…)

These Baffin Driller Steel-Toed Work Boots Keep Feet Warm Down to 148° Below Zero!

driller Industrial Extreme Series Cold Weather Steel-Toed Boots Are Rated to -148°F (-100°C)!   If you work outside in the winter, you know that there is nothing worse than getting cold feet.  It just ruins your day, doesn’t it?  You’re stuck outside, there’s no place to go to get warm, and your feet are freezing.  It’s(…)