Old Man Winter Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against This Jacket

Winter has certainly arrived, and that means jobsite conditions that are less than ideal. Winter workwear just got a little bit better with the CORE Performance Workwear Heated Jacket from Ergodyne. This jacket is made from an outer shell that is water and wind resistant and a warm fleece lining. But the cool part is(…)

ANSI Class 3 FR-Treated Water-Repellent 3-in-1 Hi Vis Bomber Jacket – ON SALE! 30% OFF!

This Bomber is the Bomb!  It’s three jackets in one! Flame resistant, water repellent, high visibility, and insulated for winter.   Three Jackets in One – Perfect for Spring! This ANSI Class 3 Bomber Jacket has an FR-Treated polyester outer shell and a removable navy blue fleece liner that can be worn as its own fleece(…)

Great Deal on Waterproof ANSI Class 3 Winter 3-in-1 Hi-Vis Bomber Jackets – ON SALE!

Now is the Time To Buy!  Great End-of-Season Price!   Waterproof Protection  The SJ21 from Radians is a fantastic bomber jacket. Completely waterproof, with a polyurethane-coated polyester shell and fully taped seams.  It’s got a black fleece liner that zips in and out as you need it. Wear the jacket with the liner, without the(…)

Men’s Soft Shell Fleece-lined Jacket from Charles River – Style 9718

Think Spring!  It’s Just Around the Corner!   Casual Elegance, Comfort and Convenience The perfect jacket for when it’s not really cold, but cold enough to need a light jacket.  The stretchy soft shell is made of polyester spandex, which is both breathable and weather-resistant.  The soft shell is bonded to a microfleece liner that provides(…)

8-in-1 ANSI Class 3 Hi Vis Winter Bomber Jacket with Class 3 Inner Liner Fleece Jacket from Polar Work Tuff

Our Most Popular Jacket!  EIGHT JACKETS AND VESTS IN ONE! 1. Start with a warm, waterproof, high-visibility ANSI Class 3 High Visibility Bomber Jacket with a heavy fleece liner that’s also a Class 3 jacket. 2. On warmer days, remove the inner fleece liner’s sleeves (they zip off). 3. If you’re still too warm, remove the whole fleece liner for(…)

Polar Work Tuff’s 8-in-1 ANSI Class 3 Winter Bomber Jacket with Class 3 Fleece Inner Jacket

  THE LAST HI VIS JACKET YOU’LL EVER HAVE TO BUY!   Why do I say that?  Because this jacket is actually… Eight Jackets and vests In One! 1. It comes as a warm, waterproof, high-visibility ANSI Class 3 High Visibility Bomber Jacket with a heavy fleece liner that’s also a Class 3 jacket. 2. On warmer(…)

ANSI Class 3 High Visibility Extreme Weather Boden Down Winter Parka with Faux Fur Trim On Hood

Top of the Line Waterproof Winter Parka is Loaded with Features!   The ANSI Class 3 high-visibility Boden Down Winter Parka from Helly Hansen represents the state of the art in insulated winter parkas.  Start with the waterproof yet breathable 100% polyester oxford shell that’s coated with polyurethane to keep the weather out.  It’s also fluorescent green/yellow(…)

Clearance Sale! Big and Tall Hi Vis Class 3 Winter Bomber Jackets!

   if you wear size 4x, 5x or 6x, you’ll Save BIG on the 8-in-1 ANSI Class 3 winter Bomber Jacket from polar work tuff!   You know, being a distributor like us, it’s all guess work.  We make our best guess about how many jackets we’ll sell, and what sizes, and then we acquire that stock and put it in(…)