Trilobal Rip-Stop™ Polyester ANSI Class 2 Surveyor’s Vest: Waterproof and Extremely Durable

Won’t Abrade, Rip, Snag or Tear   Garments made of Trilobal Rip-Stop polyester can really take a beating.  Like this ANSI Class 2 Heavy-Duty Trilobal Rip-Stop™ Surveyor’s Vest with D-Ring Pass-Through.  Made from heavy-duty polyurethane-coated 300 denier Trilobal Rip-Stop polyester that is waterproof, extremely durable, and resistant to abrasion, rips, snags or tearing.  Gussets on(…)

Stuff We Dig: ML Kishigo’s Brilliant Series

Reflective piping outlines the wearer. Brilliant! Let’s be honest, there’s a whole lot of hi vis gear out there that really isn’t very exciting (shocking, I realize). Standard mass produced ANSI vests and jackets aren’t generally created with cutting edge design or high quality in mind. But M.L. Kishigo apparently doesn’t want to create run(…)