Circulatory Cooling Vests: As Cool as it Gets

Heat stress prevention is no joke. And while evaporative cooling vests and phase change cooling vests do a great job keeping summer outdoor workers cool, it’s hard to beat circulatory cooling vests. And the best is the CoolShirt.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each CoolShirt has more than 50 feet of medical grade capillary tubing stitched to the front and back.
  • Cold water (between 50 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit) is pumped through the tubing via one of many cooling system options.
  • Cooling systems range from multi-person coolers and single-person backpack or waist pack personal portable cooling systems.


Cooling Station with Firemen

The Multi-Person Cool Shirt Cooling Station

The biggest of the CoolShirt bunch is the Multi-Person stationary cooling system. Cold water and ice is stored inside the cooler, which is equipped with six pairs of attachment valves. The 15-gallon unit can be used for six users at a time and stays cool for up to six hours. When the water inside warms up, just replace it with cold water and more ice. The Multi-Person Cooling Station is powered by a 110V pump and is ideal for use onsite by first responders.

The CoolShirt offers plenty of versatility.

  • Aqua Vest Active is a vest style that can be easily donned and allows for blood pressure and other vitals to be easily monitored.
  • Standard CoolShirt is a standard 100% cotton t-shirt with tubing attached.
  • Hooded CoolShirt includes an elastic headband and neck coverage, which cools the head and back of the neck.
  • Firewear CoolShirt is a blend of cotton and fibrous flame retardant fiber. It is inherently flame resistance and ideal for use by welders.

The CoolShirt is a great way to fight the dangers of heat stress, and it’s intended for workers who have to endure severe and constant heat. See more in the CoolShirt flyer

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