Classic Bucket Flap Sun Protection Boonie Hat with Neck Shade

Heat stress, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, sun stroke – these are all bad things.  And if you’re an outdoor worker, if you work outdoors in the summer sun, you know how dangerous these conditions can be.  You know that you need sun protection.  And a great place to start your search for sun protection is with a sun protection hat.

Bucket Flap Sun Protection Boonie Hat with Neck Shade

Bucket Flap Sun Protection Boonie Hat with Neck Shade

We suggest the classic wide-brim Bucket Boonie Sun Hat with Neck Shade.  It’s made of a blend of 65% cotton and 35% nylon that looks and wears like canvas.  The attached 8” neck shade hangs down in back to provide the back of your neck with protection from the sun, so that’s one place you won’t need sunscreen protection.

The crown features a built-in sweatband to help keep the sweat out of your eyes.  Four metal screened ventilation ports in the crown allow hot-air buildup to escape, which helps to keep your head cool, and that helps prevent heat stress.

Snaps on either side of the crown correspond with snaps on the brim, allowing the brim to be folded up and snapped against the crown.  Snap up one side of the brim for that Australian Military look, or snap up both sides to create the classic ranger hat.

Don’t worry about windy days blowing your boonie hat off.  Just tighten up the adjustable chin string snugly under your chin.  The small barrel lock on the string will hold it in place.

Yes, working outside in the hot summer sun can be risky business.  So be sure to practice sun safety.  Stay hydrated, wear light, well-ventilated clothing, get into the shade when you can, and above all, protect your head from the dangerous effects of direct sunlight with a proper sun protection hat, and we recommend the Bucket Flap Sun Protection Boonie Hat with Neck Shade.

You can buy this hat and other hats for outdoor workers, including Ranger Style Sun Hats and Hi Vis Ventilated Mesh Baseball Caps, at eSafetyStore.comClick Here to go directly to the Boonie Hat. 


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