eSafety Store and the City of Milwaukee DPW Team Up For Heat Stress

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Recently we had a chance to join the City of Milwaukee during their heat stress training days and hold a sidewalk sale for their employees. The goal wasn’t to make a ton of money, but to get cooling products into the hands of the workers that need them most. We set up under bridges and by dumpsters with lovely views of garbage trucks and got to see firsthand how many people it takes to keep a city running. The behind-the-scene look was very enlightening to co-owner Todd Hoffmeister and myself.

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In the Midwest we can experience multiple seasons – in a single day. It’s easy to forget about things like the stress heat has on the body when one day it is ninety degrees, and the next day fifty. The men and women that have to work outside year round in the blistering heat to the bone chilling cold, could tell you a thing or two about how the body reacts to those working conditions. Those of us in an office take it for granted that the air conditioner will be running or the furnace will be blowing.

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Simple things like a boonie hat to shade your head, to high-end evaporative cooling vests that keep your core temperature down, can change a person’s day.


But Now at esafetystore.comAs summer is not quite over, keep in mind for yourself and your employees, that little things can make a difference. Buy a few cooling towels, evaporative bandanas, and some sunscreen. If you use the code COOLING2 in the notes field during checkout on, I will take $2.00 off any order that contains a cooling towel.

I would like to thank Brian Hinkle, Roger Davidson, and Eunice Thomas for letting us be a part of their heat stress training day. The City of Milwaukee is lucky to have such hard working people looking out for their employees.

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