Esafetystore Joins the Blogosphere

So far the Safety Genie has been relegated to tweets and Facebook posts. Now I’m venturing into blogging, the blogoverse, blogworld, Blogs R Us, etc. I’ll try to provide informative and sometimes entertaining aspects of the safety industry. I’ll mention cool new products, changes in the industry, and trends that I see while housed in my virtual lamp in the vast warehouse of EsafetyStore.
I’ll end my introductory post with this tidbit from posted on an ASSE site. “While conducting a safety walk on a construction site, I came upon an electrician working with no safety glasses. He was drilling something, which of course creates a potential eye hazard. As I approached to speak with him about using safety eyewear, I noticed what he was drilling – yup, he was drilling holes in his safety glasses. He claimed they were fogging up too much, and wanted to ventilate them.”

The first step to a safe workplace is common sense… of which this person has none. More to come.