Gloves Designed Specifically for Those Who Wear Them

Sometimes, a safety product comes along that makes plenty of sense. The new West Chester Ironcat Gloves are a nice combination of form and function. Simply put, they are expertly designed hand protection.

Black and White Goatskin Gloves

The new Ironcat Heavy-Duty Goatskin Palm Gloves (Style No. 86552) combine several features to create gloves that are perfect for climbers who need hand protection that can endure the wear and tear caused by daily rope handling.

  • A 360-degree Kevlar liner provides excellent protection from cut and abrasion and helps the glove meet ANSI level 3 cut resistance.
  • Durable but soft goatskin leather on the palm and fingers allows for excellent dexterity.
  • A reinforced split leather palm protects the portion of the glove that endures the most abrasion.
  • The keystone thumb features a split leather reinforced thumb crotch that enhances durability and protection.
  • kevlar

    360-degree Kevlar lining

  • Spandex back provides form-fitting comfort.
  • Hook-and-loop closure fits securely around the wrist.

The Ironcat Goatskin Gloves were designed with workers in mind. They combine durability, a high level of comfort and tough overall hand protection. They are perfect for workers who rely on comfortable but tough hand protection every time they scale a utility tower or climb up a wind turbine.

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