GULPZ™ – Hi Visibility, Hydration and Cooling All in One!

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For Serious Dog Walkers, Festival Goers or Extreme Outdoor He-Man Workers!  You need GULPZ™ – Hi Visibility, Hydration and Cooling All In One.  Get Them Before the Next Heat Wave, Hurricane or Whatever Extreme Weather Comes Your Way.

Dehydration and heat stress are partners in crime.  Staying hydrated on the jobsite is absolutely essential for outdoor workers trying to prevent heat stress.  Hydration is a key component to workplace safety when summer rolls around.

Fluids keep the cooling system of the body working properly.  Electrolyte beverages are extremely good at hydration.  Products like Gatorade and Sqwincher replace valuable minerals lost when you sweat.  So, making sure that there are plenty of electrolytes on the jobsite is a good idea.  And heat exhaustion can sneak up on you, so make sure that you chug the electrolytes before you start feeling thirsty.

GULPZ­™ Hydration Cooling Pack

GULPZ™ Hi Visibility Hydration Cooling Pack

SqwincherReally, taste is a big way to determine the electrolyte beverage that’s right for you.  Gatorade contains 110mg of sodium, 30mg of potassium and about 50 calories (8-oz serving).  Sqwincher has 47mg of sodium, 53mg of potassium, and 65 calories (8-oz serving).  They’re both good choices for workplace hydration.

Sometimes you need to bring fluids with you when wandering around a large construction site or road project.  This is when a hydration backpack comes in handy.  The convenient hydration pack stores up to 70 ounces of water that you wear on your back, kind of like your own personal reservoir.  A drinking tube with a bite valve makes spill-free drinking possible.  The water backpack even comes in a high visibility style.It doesn’t matter how you hydrate, just make sure you do.  Dehydration can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, serious workplace safety concerns.  Drink up!

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