GULPZ™ The Ultimate Hydration Pack! Hi Visibility, Cooling and Hydration Pack All In One!

It’s summer, and it’s hot out there.  If you work outside in the heat and the sun, you know that staying hydrated is critical.  Dehydration can lead rapidly to heat stress or worse, potentially fatal heat stroke.

But if you’re working construction, or on a road repair crew, or if you’re a firefighter out in the countryside fighting a brush fire, it can be difficult sometimes to get to a source of drinking water when you need to rehydrate.

GULPZ™ Personal Hydration and Cooling System

GULPZ™ Personal Hydration and Cooling System has the answer: the GULPZ™ Personal Hydration and Cooling System from TechNiche International.  Essentially, it’s a backpack water reservoir that holds 70 fl. oz. (2 liters) of drinking water.  A drinking tube runs from the backpack, over your shoulder, and hangs where you can get at it.  The drinking tube ends in a bite valve.  Put the bite valve in your mouth, bite down and have a long, cool drink of water from your backpack reservoir.

It’s convenient, it’s hands-free, and it’s there when you need it.

And here’s a bonus.  The backpack itself is made out of TechNiche International’s unique HyperKewl™ evaporative cooling fabric.  This is the same stuff that they make their evaporative cooling apparel out of: vests, bandanas, hard hat pads, skull caps and the rest.  Simply soak the fabric in water.  Polymers embedded in the fabric will retain water for hours, and as the water slowly evaporates, it draws heat away from whatever it’s near, in this case the backpack reservoir.

So not only do you have a handy source of drinking water with which to stay hydrated, but the HyperKewl fabric, when soaked in water, will keep your drinking water nice and cool and refreshing for hours.

This system is great for hikers, bikers, runners and climbers, too.

Available in a variety of colors, including camoflage and high-visibility green/yellow with reflective striping, perfect for those bikers and runners out on the highway.  Buy the GULPZ Personal Hydration and Cooling System at  Click here to go right to the product page.  Remember, heat stress, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are very dangerous to your health.  So for your own safety, stay hydrated, stay cool and stay safe with the GULPZ Personal Hydration and Cooling System from TechNiche International and

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