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Heat Stress Can Be Deadly – Follow These Tips for Job Site Safety from eSafetyStore.com

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The hot days of Summer are upon us.  (What happened to Spring?  Did I sleep through it again?)  Anyone who has worked outside in the sun knows that the heat can get to you.  In fact, it can kill you.  It’s best to be prepared.  Avoid worker downtime or worse by following these helpful tips.

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• Keep cool, fresh drinking water close at hand

• Drink lots of water or electrolyte beverages to ward off dehydration – about 32 oz or 1 liter every hour

• Find some shade to sit in on your breaks

• Know the common signs of heat stress and how to prevent it

• Watch out for each other – be ready to help if a buddy goes down

• Know what to do if a fellow worker gets heat stress

• When it’s really hot, take more breaks in the shade

• Wear protective gear to ward off the heat, like hats and light-colored clothing.

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• Check out new cooling apparel, like evaporative cooling bandanas and neckbands, circulatory cooling apparel, hydration systems and more.


You’ll find everything you need to stay cool and safe this summer at eSafetyStore.com, your one-stop shop for all the products you’ll need to prevent heat stress on the job site.  Your workers are your most precious resource.  Protect them with Heat Stress Prevention Products from eSafetyStore.com.

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