Heat Stress Relief with the ChillOut Neckband

We’re located in Menomonee Falls, WI, a suburb of Milwaukee.  A friend of mine had an extra ticket to the Brewers – Marlins game at Miller Park on July 4th and asked me if I wanted to go.  I said sure, even though the temperature that day was a scorching 99°F!  That’s 99° in the shade!

I thought, “Hey, this is a great opportunity to field test one of these ChillOut™ Evaporative Cooling Neckbands from International Enviroguard.  It’s 99°.  Let’s see how well this thing works.”

ChillOut Evaporative Cooling Neckband

ChillOut Evaporative Cooling Neckband

So we went to the game, and brother, it was hot!  Fortunately we were in the shade, so we didn’t die.

I brought a ChillOut Neckband for myself and one for my friend.  Before going to our seats, we took them into a men’s restroom and soaked them in cold water, as the instructions say.  Then we put them on and headed for our seats.

I discovered something very interesting about how these evaporative cooling products work.  Of course, basically they work through the process of evaporation.  When water evaporates, it has a cooling effect.  That’s why the human body sweats when it gets hot.  Your sweat evaporates from your skin and cools you off.  So as the water in the ChillOut Neckband evaporates, the neckband will make you feel cooler.

But here’s what happened.  When I first put the ChillOut Neckband on, right after soaking it in cold water, it of course felt cold on my neck.  I thought, “Wow, that feels great!”  But 15 minutes later I noticed that the neckband had warmed up to the ambient temperature – that is, the temperature of my neck and of the day – 99°.  It was just as hot as everything else that day!  So I thought, “Ah, this thing doesn’t work.”

I was disappointed, but I left it on and promptly forgot about it.

Then about 15 minutes later I reached up and touched the neckband – and it was COOL!  It was WORKING!  It was then I realized that the evaporation process needs a little time to kick in.  In order for the neckband to work, you’ve got to give the water in it a chance to start evaporating.  Only then will it feel cool and do the job it was designed to do.

Best of all, once the evaporation process began, the ChillOut Neckband remained cool to the touch for a couple of hours as it continued to cool my neck, and to help cool off the rest of me.  Around the fifth inning I went back up to the men’s restroom and resoaked the neckband.  That recharged it, and it was still working as we were trying to find our car in the parking lot wilderness after the game.

The ChillOut Neckband is especially effective when worn around the neck because it is laying on the skin right over both of your carotid arteries.  These are two of the largest arteries in your circulatory system, major pipelines of blood that pass close to the skin on either side of your neck.  The cooling ChillOut Neckband cools your carotid arteries, which in turn cool the blood passing through them at that point.  That cool blood continues on and circulates throughout your body, helping to lower your core temperature and just generally make you feel cooler.

So here’s the result of my field test of the ChillOut Evaporative Cooling Neckband.  Even though it was 99° in the shade that day, I felt pretty comfortable.  I’ve got to say that once the evaporation process got started, the ChillOut Neckband worked exactly as advertised.

Oh, one more result.  The Brewers lost.

You can buy the ChillOut Evaporative Cooling Neckband at eSafetyStore.com.  Click Here.

To learn more about exactly how evaporation works to cool you off, read my blog “The Science of Evaporation” at Panda-Pedia.com.

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