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Heat stress – from heat exhaustion to potentially lethal heat stroke – is nothing to fool around with.  Every summer thousands of workers go down from heat stress, costing tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and lost productivity on the job.  But with some common sense and the use of the following products, heat stress can be prevented.  Equip yourself and your workers with these products, and remember the three big words of heat stress prevention – Water, Rest and Shade.  If you work outside in the hot sun, be sure to get plenty of all three.

ChillOut™ Evaporative Cooling Neckband

Soak it in water and wear it around your neck.  Actually cools your bloodstream as it flows through the carotid arteries in your neck, spreading coolness throughout your body.  Cools for hours from one soaking.


ChillOut™ Evaporative Cooling Headband

Soak it in water and wear like a traditional headband.  Not only will it help you keep cool, but the soft, comfortable chamois-like material wicks away sweat and moisture for even greater comfort.  When it dries out, just soak it again.  Can be used hundreds of times.


Chill-Its® 6675 Evaporative Cooling ANSI Class 2 Safety Vest

Be cool AND highly visible.  Soak this vest in water for just a few minutes.  Polymer embedded in the vest’s interior soaks up the water and retains it.  Evaporation keeps you cool for 5 to 10 hours!  Features 3M™ Scotchlite™ silver reflective stripes for ANSI Class 2 compliance.


Chill-Its® 6717 Hard Hat Pad and Neck Shade

Soak in water and the Hard Hat Pad and Neck Shade works three ways to keep your head and neck cool.  1. The hard hat pad fits inside your hard hat to keep your head cool.  2. The neck shade cools the back of your neck.  3. The neck shade also shields your neck from the sun, preventing painful sunburn.  The polymer-embedded fabric absorbs the water and retains it, providing hours of evaporative cooling.


Find everything you need to stay cool and safe this summer at eSafetyStore.com, your One-Stop Shop for all the products you’ll need to prevent heat stress on the job site.  Your workers are your most precious resource.  Protect them with Heat Stress Prevention Products from eSafetyStore.com.

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