Hi Vis Sweatshirt

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I talked last week about Mother Nature’s odd winter. Well, it just get weirder. When I stepped outside today it was 60 degrees, and the thermometer isn’t supposed to stop until it hits 75 or so. Has Milwaukee somehow been transplanted a few hundred miles closer to the equator? I’ve forgotten what winter feels like (I realize that statement has jinxed me and that we’ll have a blizzard in mid April).

Hi Vis Sweatshirt

There's just something about a sweatshirt.

I’ve mentioned it before, but when the weather changes we here at eSafetyStore immediately shift our focus to the hi vis apparel needed for the climate. And so I bring to you the high visibility sweatshirt! There’s just something cool about a hooded sweatshirt. It’s comfortable. It’s casual. And when it meets ANSI requirements, a reflective sweatshirt is perfect for doing road work in moderate weather conditions.

I wrote about how much the standard safety vest has changed in the last decade. The hi vis sweatshirt is an offshoot of this. Not that long ago, there weren’t a whole lot of options. But now, sweatshirts are available in two-tone styles, zipper front styles, heavy thermal sweatshirt styles, and lightweight sweatshirt designs.

If my days were spent on the job site, and I had to choose my hi vis apparel for a day like today, I’d go with the casual cool of a hi vis hooded sweatshirt. The best reflective apparel is the kind that you forget you’re wearing…like, well, like a sweatshirt.

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