Ice Cleats are in the Forecast

Yaktrax Ice Traction Outsoles

On the way to work this morning I was informed by my car radio that up to eight inches of snow is supposed to fall in southeast Wisconsin this afternoon. That’s roughly seven inches more snow than we’ve received so far this winter.

So, being the Safety Genie, I immediately headed to the warehouse to check our supply of ice traction devices and ice cleats. We have plenty. Ice cleats are interesting (really, I’m not kidding) because several different brands have distinctly different styles. You’d think that a standard/universal style would best provide traction on the ice. But that’s far from the case.

Yaktrax Walker outsoles cleverly use coiled springs on the bottom of the foot to grip ice and snow. Ergodyne Trex have steel spikes and textured rubber for traction. Due North traction aids utilizes a few tungsten carbide spikes to ensure that the wearer doesn’t go slip, slidin’ away. All of these styles work, and all of them help keep you and your backside safe. I’ll be sure to put on a pair today when the clock strikes five and have to dig my car out of the snow.

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