Kazbek Safety Glasses from Edge Eyewear – High Tech, High Style

Ultra Cool Styling meets Advanced Technology


For the cutting edge in safety glasses today, look no farther than Edge Eyewear.  So lets look at one of their most popular models: the Kazbek.  First, some of the basics:

The Frame:

The Kazbek’s frame is made of an extremely durable material called Grilamid TR90.  It’s lightweight, flexible and shatter resistant.  The distortion typically caused by side shields is avoided due to Kazbek’s wraparound frame design.  While competitors’ safety glasses use plastic connectors, all Edge Safety Glasses use screws to attach the temples to the frame for far greater strength and durability.

The Temples:

The straight temples on the Kazbek hold the glasses firmly on your face without pinching.  TPR, a soft and pliable material that becomes tacky when moist or warm, is used to coat the temple tips and nose pads.  So as you perspire and the TPR gets wet, it gets “grippier” and reduces slippage.  Think of it!  The sweatier you get, the better your safety glasses stay on your face!  (Is “grippier” a word?  I don’t know, but you get the idea.)

The Lenses:

All models of Kazbek Safety Glasses feature injection-molded polycarbonate lenses exclusively.  These lenses are thick enough to pass all the impact tests while still having the proper curvature to achieve correct optics.  And the ANSI standard for definition clarity?  Kazbek lenses exceed the ANSI standard, clearly bringing into focus 40 lines on the NBS pattern test, beating competing products’ lenses that bring into focus only 20 lines.  Kazbek lenses are fog-resistant and scratch-resistant, block 99.9% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, and comply with ANSI Z87.1+2010 and Ballistic Military standards.

The Models:

EDGSK116 – Kazbek Safety Glasses with Black Frames and Smoke Lenses.




EDGSKAP119 – Kazbek Safety Glasses with Black Frames and Aqua Precision Red Mirror Lenses.




EDGSK-XL111 – Kazbek XL Safety Glasses (22mm wider at the temples) with Black Frames and Clear Lenses.




EDGTSK-XL216 – Kazbek XL Safety Glasses (22mm wider at the temples) with Black Frames and Polarized Smoke Lenses.




To learn more about The Science Behind Edge Eyewear and especially the high tech lenses that Edge Eyewear offers, click on the link assigned to the name of the lenses.  To purchase the model of Kazbek Safety Glasses that you want, just click on the part number, and you’ll be taken directly to the page on eSafetyStore.com where you can order these great safety glasses.  Once you are on the Kazbek page, click on the “down arrow” on the box next to “Lenses”, and a menu will drop down showing all the lens options and the ordering information for each one.

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