Make the Winter Wonderland Much Safer with Ice Cleats

We at and have to admit that we kind of like big snowstorms and winter weather because it gives us a chance to outfit outdoor workers in winter safety gear. And when its icy outside ice cleats and other traction devices are important pieces of safety equipment.

Yaktrax Walker on brown dress shoes

Yaktrax Walker

It’s a good idea to keep in mind where you’ll be using an ice traction device before choosing one. They’re not all identical.

Ice cleats that use tungsten or steel spikes provide excellent traction on ice and snow. But they aren’t the best choice for workers who frequently head indoors. The spikes can damage carpet and flooring, and can slide on dry and smooth concrete floors.

The Yaktrax Walker┬áis made from pliable rubber, and employs metal coils to grip the snow. These spring-like coils won’t harm floors like spikes can. Yaktrax ice traction devices are easy to put on over workboots and shoes and are extremely effective on even the most dangerous surfaces. Plus, they’re lightweight and can be easily stored in a glove compartment or on a coat rack until they’re needed.

Heel Cleats on a Work Boot

Trex 6315 Heel Cleats

One of the newer additions to our line of ice cleats are the Ergodyne Trex Heel Cleats. These have steel plates on both heels, but not cleats covering the rest of the shoe. The cleats provide excellent traction but don’t hamper the use of pedals when driving a truck, forklife, or other work vehicle.

You’ve got choices when it comes to ice traction outsoles. Just make sure that you get some, because I’m guessing that the snow and ice isn’t done yet. It just might be a slippery March.

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