Indoor Shooting Range Faces $111K OSHA Fine for Lead Exposure

Why you may need D-Lead® EPA-Approved Lead Detection Kits and D-Lead® Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner for the Removal of Lead Dust OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration) takes its mandate to protect employees’ health and safety very seriously indeed.  Recently in Illinois, OSHA cited a gun range, Illinois Gun Works Ltd., for 28 alleged health violations after(…)

Made in America: Hi-Vis

We’re not sold on Vinatronics’ products just because they’re made in the USA. We’re sold on Vinatronics because they make high quality safety apparel in the USA. I don’t have to inform anyone of the rough road the U.S. economy has endured for the past couple of years (my apologies to those who’ve lived off of the grid(…)