Hi Vis Sweatshirt

I talked last week about Mother Nature’s odd winter. Well, it just get weirder. When I stepped outside today it was 60 degrees, and the thermometer isn’t supposed to stop until it hits 75 or so. Has Milwaukee somehow been transplanted a few hundred miles closer to the equator? I’ve forgotten what winter feels like(…)

Stuff We Dig: ML Kishigo’s Brilliant Series

Reflective piping outlines the wearer. Brilliant! Let’s be honest, there’s a whole lot of hi vis gear out there that really isn’t very exciting (shocking, I realize). Standard mass produced ANSI vests and jackets aren’t generally created with cutting edge design or high quality in mind. But M.L. Kishigo apparently doesn’t want to create run(…)

Sometimes the Safety Industry Surprises Us

We deal with plenty of PPE, reflective clothing, flame-resistant outerwear, etc. Those are all just products and commodities. It’s always good to take a few minutes to remember who’s wearing the protective apparel we sell. A normal day at Esafetystore usually involves fielding questions from individuals or companies looking for the right hi vis clothing,  comfortable(…)

Rebar Caps for Incidental Scratch Protection

Scratch protection guards. NOT to be used for impalement protection. Mushroom style safety caps provide limited protection from protruding rebar. Orange for increased visibility. Available at eSafetyStore.com Sure grip and tapered inner ribs allow for easy installation. High-quality caps fit rebar #3 – #8. Bright orange for a high level of visibility. Note: Not to(…)