Heat Stress Prevention Tips from eSafetyStore.com

Heat Stress Can Be Deadly – Follow These Tips for Job Site Safety from eSafetyStore.com The hot days of Summer are upon us.  (What happened to Spring?  Did I sleep through it again?)  Anyone who has worked outside in the sun knows that the heat can get to you.  In fact, it can kill you. (…)

The Seven Steps to LEAD-SAFE RRP – Step Three: Protect Yourself

osha now mandates that safe practices must be observed when disturbing old lead-based paint during renovation.  toxic Lead Dust must be contained. Follow the seven steps to lead-safe renovation, repair and painting (RRP)   Step Three: Without the right personal protective equipment (PPE), your company is at risk of violating OSHA requirements, which can result in(…)

Circulatory Cooling Vests: As Cool as it Gets

Heat stress prevention is no joke. And while evaporative cooling vests and phase change cooling vests do a great job keeping summer outdoor workers cool, it’s hard to beat circulatory cooling vests. And the best is the CoolShirt. Here’s how it works: Each CoolShirt has more than 50 feet of medical grade capillary tubing stitched(…)