Snow in May? Let’s hope not.

Just last Friday I was writing about ice traction cleats and the snowstorm bearing down on us in Wisconsin. Now, it’s 50 degrees and sunny outside.

Mother Nature’s indecision makes life difficult for those of us in the safety apparel business. We at EsafetyStore have had to shift our focus from ice traction cleats and reflective bomber jackets to hi vis windbreakers and reflective t-shirts in a matter of days. And it may be about time for Cold Weather Workwear to put the hi vis insulated jackets in storage, and bring out our warm weather outdoor work gear, like hard hat sun shades and sunscreen (both of which would be handy today).

We know a lot about the safety industry, but we aren’t meteorologists. We have to keep our eye on the forecast to make sure what’s on our sites is relevant. The strangest winter in recent memory has made it difficult for workers to choose the right outdoor workwear from day to day. I’m guessing that at some point soon hi vis rainwear will be en vogue. But I could be wrong. Mother Nature may have another surprise for us.

Mother Nature Can’t Decide

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