Soundtouch Gloves and an iPhone: Wedded Bliss

Soundtouch 8012 All-Weather Gloves

Soundtouch All-Weather Gloves

Seirus is well-respected when it comes to gloves, hat liners, and other winter gear. Personally, the good folks at Seirus help keep me warm when I’m hitting the slopes, and their balaclavas are some of the best around.

Seirus also deserves mad props for being clever. Soundtouch gloves are a true case of necessity being the mother of invention. These nifty winter gloves have special material on the thumb and forefinger that let you operate a touchscreen (like on an iPhone, iPad, or other SmartPhone). Now, on the level of innovation breakthroughs this obviously doesn’t rank up there with Edison’s creation of the lightbulb, or the glorious creation of the first cheeseburger, but it’s still pretty cool. And I’ve got to think that it won’t take long for gloves with this capability to be commonplace.

How do they work? The top-secret material somehow transfers electrical current from your fingertips. I’m afraid I can’t really explain it much more, but check out this “How Stuff Works” post about touchscreens for more info on how they operate.

We recently added three Soundtouch gloves to our winter workwear lines at EsafetyStore and ColdWeatherWorkwear, because like Seirus, we’re trying to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cool new stuff in safety apparel and everyday workwear.