The Most Cleverly Designed New Earplugs

The Most Cleverly Designed New Earplugs at


It’s not often that you see inspired innovation when it comes to boring old reusable earplugs. But the new Flip to Listen Earplugs from Moldex are decidedly different. And they are too clever to not mention.

Green Flip to Listen Earplugs

The ingenious 6770 Flip to Listen Earplugs

Here is what makes them cool. Each earplug has a “flip cap” in the stem. When the cap is shut the earplugs provide a respectably high NRR of 24 dB. But, and this is the really clever part, when the cap is flipped open, the earplugs provide an NRR of just 4 dB. This allows the wearer to hear and communicate easily with co-workers without having to remove the earplugs.

The earplugs have a triple-flange design which helps ensure a secure fit and all-day comfort, they come with a convenient Pocket-Pak and a cord which can be easily attached, and they’re 100% PVC free.

Flip to Listen Earplugs have a design that just makes sense. It’s really no surprise that they were developed by Moldex, because Moldex has been developing trusted safety products with the needs of workers in mind for years.

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