The Seven Steps to LEAD-SAFE RRP – Step One: Test for Lead

osha now mandates that safe practices must be observed when disturbing old lead-based paint during renovation.  toxic Lead Dust must be contained.
Follow the seven steps to lead-safe renovation, repair and painting (RRP)

Step one: You must first test to see if lead is present.  Testing must include all affected surfaces coated with paint, shellac, varnish, stain, coating or even paint covered by wallpaper.

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If you’re a contractor who has been hired to replace old windows with new, energy-efficient windows on a house built before 1978, play it safe.  Avoid stiff OSHA fines.  Follow the Seven Steps to LEAD-SAFE RRP.  Start with Step One and test for the presence of lead in the painted surfaces around the old windows, because when you tear those windows out, you’re going to be creating dangerous lead dust, a highly toxic substance.  The amount of lead dust that could be contained in a packet of sugar can contaminate an entire house.

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