A Three-Part Safety Guide to Prepare for Winter Work (and Save Money), Step 1

Orange winter jacket with reflective stripes

Helly Hansen Potsdam Hi Vis Parka

Putting together the right safety equipment and insulated safety apparel to combat the impending cold weather isn’t easy. It takes a lot of thought, a lot of PPE, and sometimes a lot of cash. But, eSafetyStore is here to help by offering an easy three-part plan to stock up on winter workwear and save money in the process.

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Step 1 in the process of winter preparation is:

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The list of Helly Hansen sale items is huge and includes a lot of winter essentials:

These are just a small sample of the Helly Hansen items on sale. They’re a great start to a winter workwear program. Look for Step 2 in the Three-Part Safety Guide to Prepare for Winter Work coming soon. We’ll give you a hint…it’s another great deal on essential winter safety products.

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