A Three-Part Safety Guide to Prepare for Winter Work (and Save Money), Step 2


Polar Safety Derrick Extreme Weather Boot

eSafetyStore is making sure that outdoor workers are warm this summer, and in the most cost-effective way.

Our huge 20% OFF sale provides the tools to endure even the harshest of winters.

The first step in our guide to preparing for winter involved great deals from Helly Hansen. The second part of our three-step plan involves insulated foot protection. If workers feet aren’t warm, then the workers aren’t warm. It’s as simple as that.

Step 2 in the process of winter preparation is:

Cold weather footwear from Baffin Boots. It’s true, some of the best insulated boots and insulated footwear available is on sale from eSafetyStore. They’re all in stock and ready to ship.

Baffin makes boots with a unique multilayer system, which is ideal for withstanding the most extreme temperatures. Some styles are designed to offer foot protection in temperatures as low as -148°F. And most styles are available in either plain or steel toe versions. Order your boots now because this popular brand sells fast.

We’re not done passing the safety savings on to workers. Step 3 in the Three-Part Safety Guide to Prepare for Winter Work will be posted soon. And if you want personal protective equipment that keeps you warm, safe and protected, you’ll want to make sure you stayed tuned.head-logo

Winter work gear isn’t the only safety equipment we have on sale. Hundreds of other items are 20% OFF, check them out.

Look for other favorites in Foot and Leg Protection from 3M, Ergodyne, Impacto, Lacrosse, Sure Foot, Tingley and YakTrax.

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