Trex 6300 Ice Traction Cleats For Your Boots

Walk Safely on Slippery, Icy Surfaces


Trex 6300 Ice Traction DeviceSliding around on the ice is great for ice skaters and hockey players, but not so good if you’re on the job or just trying to walk from your car to your favorite mall.  One wrong step and suddenly you’re flat on your back, and just hope you don’t crack your head on the pavement!

But there’s a simple solution: Trex 6300 Ice Traction Cleats with Steel Studs.  Trex 6300 Ice Traction Cleats slip easily over the soles of your shoes or boots.  They’re held securely in place by stretchable rubber straps that wrap around the toe and heel of your shoe or boot.

Trex 6300 Ice Traction DeviceOn the bottom of the Trex 6300’s are eight heat-treated carbon steel studs that dig into the ice to provide solid, tenacious grip and stability with every step.  They’re kind of like studded snow tires for your feet!

You can tell from their picture that they fold up into a very compact little bundle, so it’s easy to keep them in the pocket of your coat, or in a handbag, or certainly in the glove compartment of your car or truck, where they are always handy and ready to use.  And the rubber will stay flexible all the way down to -40°F (-40°C)!  That’s 40 below zero, folks, whether you’re talkin’ Fahrenheit or Celsius!

So why take the chance of a dangerous and potentially lethal fall on the ice?  Keep a pair of Trex 6300 Ice Traction Cleats handy, snap ‘em onto your shoes or boots, and you’ll be as sure-footed as a mountain goat and a lot better lookin’!

Oh, and they’re abrasion resistant, water repellent and hand washable.

You can buy Trex 6300 Ice Traction Cleats at  CLICK HERE to go directly to the page you want.

WARNING: Okay, the Trex 6300 Ice Traction Cleats are going to give you great traction on ice and snow, but when you’re on sheer glass ice, that’s no time to be showing everyone your best Michael Jackson dance moves.  Even while wearing Trex 6300’s, exercise some caution and common sense.  Even with the best traction devices, you can still fall and hit your melon on the pavement.  Oh, and one more thing.  It’s probably not a good idea to walk on hardwood, granite or marble floors with steel studs strapped to the bottom of your shoes.  Scratches will ensue.

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