Vinatronics Hydration Safety Vests Add a Level of Outdoor Safety

Picture 3Summer construction season is right around the corner. The Vinatronics Hydration Vest takes care of two big safety concerns at once for outdoor workers.

The traffic safety vest, which is available at eSafetyStore has 2″ silver reflective 3M Scotchlite tape stripes that provide ANSI Class 2 high visibility. And it’s made from breathable fluorescent polyester. It has plenty of pockets for ample personal storage space.

What sets this vest apart is the water pouch that fits inside a large back pocket. The insulated water bag holds 1.5 liters of water. It allows for hands-free hydration, which is a perfect way to lessen the risk of heat stroke for workers on hot construction sites. As an added level of protection, the vest includes two front insulated pockets that hold freezer gel packs. The gel packs help to keep the wearer cool, and essentially add “cooling vest” to the many titles this safety vest has.

There are several layers of concern when it comes to the safety of outdoor summer workers. Visibility, heat stress and hydration are all items to worry about. The Vinatronics hydration vests take care of all three of these concerns.

Summer offers several unique dangers to outdoor workers. The Vinatronics safety vest goes a long way to alleviate those dangers.

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