Wellness is Good Preventative Medicine

This morning I read about Sam’s Club starting a wellness magazine, called Healthy Living Made Simple, that will be sent to 8 million members starting this month. Wellness is a pretty vague term, but I’m for any tips or articles that just might improve my health at least a little bit. (I espcially dig those “10 Things You Should Never Eat” articles, although I frequently forget what’s on the list a couple of days after reading.)

Preventative medicine is good medicine, and that’s what wellness programs are. From time to time (usually right after the indulgence of Christmas) we institute wellness rules at eSafetyStore. Those rules/guidelines are generally simple–no more cookies in the office, sanctions against chocolate, ramped up abundance of green tea, and a increase in morning smoothie production (we do have a blender in the break room).

Prevention should come easily to us and others in the industrial safety market. There are plenty of items in PPE and safety (hi vis gear, reflective jackets, signage, etc.) that are essentially designed to prevent workplace accidents and limit workplace hazards. So that’s really our wellness offering to others, our range of PPE.

Now it’s time for my morning oatmeal (donuts are banned from the office).

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