Winter Safety Starts with These

If you don’t have solid footing on a winter job site, then you’re not ready to work.

The best winter outerwear is great, but if you’re slipping and sliding on ice and snow, the best gear in the world doesn’t matter. Ergodyne takes care of your footing with two new “tenacious” Trex™ traction devices.

Black traction device with orange steel spikes

Trex 6304

Trex 6304 Cleats with Steel Spikes are made from a contoured, step-in rubber design that fits easily and snugly around most work boots and shoes.

Secure traction on slick and frozen surfaces is provided by the 12 carbon steel studs that are dispersed evenly on the bottom of the sole of the Trex 6304 device. These bad boys hold their ground regardless of the terrain, and they stay flexible and pliable in extreme temperatures as low as -40 degrees.

That’s serious protection in extreme cold weather.

Stainless Steel Spikes on a work boot

Trex 6320

The Trex 6320 Aggressive Spikes Traction Device is kind of like tire chains for your feet.

A rugged stainless steel spike and chain system grabs ice and snow. An innovative heel spike plate further enhances traction and grip. A stretchable rubber top fits nicely over any work boot or shoe. It’s a tough traction device built for the toughest conditions. Ice and snow will be sorry when they run into the Trex 6320 Aggressive Spikes. Tenacious indeed.

Winter work conditions are tough enough without having to worry about falling on your butt. Secure footing is peace of mind that’s essential. Stay warm and stay on your feet.

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